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Home Manufacturing

Wednesday23 May 2018



ePower Energy (India) Private Limited has process driven and effectively managed fabrication, galvanizing and storage facilities spread across 20 Acres. It has an installed capacity of 42000 MT per annum.

In addition to Galvanized Structures, we also manufacture of Purlins – Z, C sections, Sigma Poles, Guide Masts etc., All fabrication works – manufacturing of Telecom Cages, Pressure Vessels, Transformer Tanks etc.,

Facilities : Fabrication:

CNC, Bending and Purlin machines for precision in fabrication

Capacity of 3,600 MT per month.

Machinery capable of handling high tensile steel.

Proto-assembly facilities.

Large facility for storage


High Capacity Modern Galvanizing Plant

Galvanizing Capacity of 4,000 MT per month.

Zinc bath dimensions: 7,000 x 1,200 x 1,500 mm.

Pre-treatment of steel using special chemicals.

Well controlled process for achieving zinc coating up to 120 microns.

Excellent material handling facility.

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