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Sunday16 December 2018


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O & M Services

Our Operation and maintenance in Infrastructure sector are with long-term commitment on performance and price.We provide Full Management of toll collection systems, equipment maintenance and Traffic and safety management. Our experts can also assist our clients with Asset management services with a periodic advisory and audit services to optimize operation and maintenance.


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EPC Services

ePower Energy (India) Private Limited has been involved in setting up of large projects in India and has also successfully executed several International assignments.We have to our credit major projects successfully completed and operating smoothly at the rated capacity, creating an array of satisfied clients. In the course of setting up various projects,

we have worked with a large number of process licensors and engineering/construction/contracting companies worldwide and are well versed with the latest engineering codes and practices followed internationally. We are a strong technology based and technology oriented company and has developed extensive data bank, computerized design tools, flexible yet integrated project control systems.


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At ePower Energy (India) Private Limited we are committed to being providers of quality infrastructure that promotes economic growth and improves the quality of life. Our work is a proof of our achievements as we continue to innovate and apply next-gen practices to execute large scale projects.

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